Bed Hogs, Hoarders & Stick Shift

So today is my first official day living here! It went a lot smoother than my first night… So I had to sleep in a different bed because blah blah. Well, my aunt has two dogs; Jagger and Ruby. Now, they’re big dogs. It’s a full bed. THEY HOGGED THE ENTIRE THING. I was up until 4 in the morning half falling off the bed with two clogged nostrils. I did watch Orange is the New Black for the first time though… and it was…. interesting.

I dedicated today to unpacking all of my clothes and junk that I brought over from my dorm. And lemme tell ya… I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF. Just, I never realized. Well, I should’ve known when I insisted I’d use all 20 mechanical pencils, every nail polish & my whole personal bookshelf. (there’s dust on the books) *I’m going to end up on the show Hoarders*

When the kids got back we went on a short bike ride, took the dogs for a walk, shot some hoops….THEN I LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE A STICK CAR. So my aunt and uncle have 2 vehicles: a minivan, and some small car with stick. Which basically traps me at home when they go out with the kids because I don’t know stick. Welllllll all of that changed today! In my mind, stick is fun, dangerous, quick paced. Like Fast and the Furious. People do it so effortlessly.

It took me at least a dozen tries to get the car to just move. Stall after stall. SO FRUSTRATING. Cassidy’s Tip of the Day: Feel the car. Be the car. I can’t even explain it. You just have to feel the clutch, be its best friend. I eventually kind of got it… got it enough to take it out to a main road. HILLS ARE SCARY. Avoid at all costs. I’m still nervous about the whole idea, but I do feel like a total BAD@$$

I set up my blender for tomorrow. Hoping the smoothie turns out good! Goodnight!



  1. Summer Internships are excitingggg. I worked at a film festival, which is kinda like working at a theater, I think. Also, I learned how to drive a stick last year. I honestly thought I was the only one who compared it to Fast and the Furious, even though I drive at like…40km/hr max with a stick. xD

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