I Slept Through My Alarm…

First day of my internship and…. I DIDN’T HEAR MY ALARM.

Anything bad that could’ve happened, happened. I swear Murphy’s Law was created just for me.

SO yes. I had my alarm set for 5:45am. I was anxiously excited the night before. I planned on straightening my hair and making a green power smoothie with my new blender! Took me a while to fall asleep because it was so hot in my room.

Alas, I was awoken by a knock at my door accompanied by my aunt’s voice asking if I was awake. My first instinct was to check my phone and BAM. 7:22am. I WAS FREAKING OUT! (but I didn’t cry; so I’m proud of that) I got dressed super quickly, covered my face and made it downstairs by 7:40 like a champ. I DID make my smoothie, which was rather delicious!

Thank goodness my aunt’s nanny was kind enough to drive me. (Thanks Miss Ashley!) It wasn’t even like I was late either, but I couldn’t help but be a tad frazzled. (& my allergies were killing me) Despite the rough morning, the rest of the day was fantastic!

Since I’ll be sitting at my own little cubicle 8 hours every day, I’m making it a priority to workout at least 1 hour every night. Tonight I ran roughly over a mile or so then lifted for a bit. I’m super excited about it. Now I just need to make an exercise plan!


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  1. Murphy’s Law is CRUEL. Oh also, if you’re looking for a cool exercise plan, maybe check this one out? Idk if you’re into a lot of gyming. I’ve just started it, this week. It seems relatively easy. I just do some cardio before it, which is what you do, too. 😮 http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jamie-eason-livefit-trainer.html

    Wait, what exactly do you have to do for EIGHT HOURS? :O
    And have I mentioned how much I love your username? XD


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