My 1st Official Day

I DID IT! I survived my first real day of my internship.

They weren’t totally prepared for me. The company I’m working for gives all employees their own laptop, but mine is M.I.A. Today was basically just a “get-to-know-everything” type of day. I had to get my badge and such (which still doesn’t work). It’s so neat. It’s attached to a clip with a retractable string. All I have to do is whip it out from my belt loop and BAM. Access…. denied (for now:P)

I’m not a huge coffee person, BUT THEY PROVIDE FREE COFFEE. And I like free. So maybe I’ll evolve into a coffee kinda person. I brought my lunch today…in a plastic bag. I really should get a lunchbox! WAIT. I GOT MY OWN CUBICLE SPACE. With a window view…awwwww yaaaa!! Considering decorating it up a bit?

I was there for a little over 8 hours…. I was a little bored. The laptop is essential to my internship. I started to read Harlan Coben’s Stay Close… I’m intrigued so far! My aunt is a huge fan so I downloaded her copies onto my Kindle. Coben has yet to disappoint. HIS ENDINGS ARE SO BIZARRE. I never see them coming.

I ran 2.33 miles today! (Thanks MapMyRun) My shin hurts a bit… I ran about a 13 minute mile.. HAHAHAH. My goal for the summer is to get it to about 9….that seems good, right?



    1. pharmaceutical computer validation…. ?!?!? hahah. I got it mostly because my uncle owns a company. I’m just really stuck on what I’m passionate about & what makes good money. I’m sure you understand… IT SUCKS!!!! lol

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