French Vanilla Coffee Fail

Yo! Today was my…third? day here at my new internship… and still no laptop…

I’m just doing meaningless tasks: putting holes in papers, putting said papers into binders, labeling said binders. Fascinating stuff, really.

We leave the house around 7:10 every morning because it’s a 40 minute commute. So I wake up around 6ish… Now, I normally go to bed between midnight and 1… but that needs to change. UGH. Sleep. I LOVE SLEEP, but we just can’t be together. Too toxic. (I could easily sleep 12 hours a day, no problem)

Embarrassing Story of The Day: Because of my lack of energy due to lack of sleep, I’ve gotten their free coffee the past two days. Yesterday I had Hazlenut and today I tried French Vanilla. Add two creamers and a splenda and ta-da! Not too bad. I put the coffee in a styrofoam cup and go back to my little cubicle. On the way there I have to open a door. Wellllll, I moved my cup too quickly and BAMMM it spilled over the top, onto the sleeve of my white cardigan, delightfully burning my poor skin. Luckily, no one saw… Trying not to panic, I simply went to the restroom and washed the coffee right out! No problamo.

It’s super cold today…. like 50 degrees… SUMMER WHERE ARE YOU?

We normally get home around 530ish. Then I do some physical activity (running/biking)

WAIT; I went for a 3 mile bike ride with my little cousins yesterday… IT WAS HARD. Hills are killer. I didn’t think I’d make it! Man. I thought it’d be easier than running…

Anyways, yea, exercise for a bit and I try to stay away from electronic devices because I’m on a computer all day and all night… Now time to watch some Orange is the New Black! Night!



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