Good Role Model

It’s pretty bizarre to go from living with a roommate (who was barely there) to living with 4 young kids…. MAD CHAOS 24/7. And oddly enough, this is exactly what I need in my life RIGHT NOW. Funny how things work out for the best, even when it doesn’t seem like it at first.

I was so excited to come and live here for the summer. BUT DAMN. Who knew how exhausted I’d be after working 8-5 plus an hour commute both ways! I love quiet time. I relished in it at school. Here, there is no such thing. When I’m so tired and all I can think about is taking an epic nap, an enormous wave of “you’ll really regret this later on in life” hits me.

To the kids, I’m their older (AWESOME) cousin. Who goes on bike rides and lets you use her as a human jungle gym. When they grow old, I want them to remember all of the fun we had during the summers I lived with them! Not how I was always in my room. The most important thing I try to remember is: This is the only childhood they get. Don’t forget what being a kid felt like. Be a good role model. And never say ‘No’ to FUN.



  1. Having that mentality alone makes you progress as a person! Add that to the commitment to stay and give time to them, well one things for sure you’ll be a whole different person after this experience!

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  2. I have found that kids are great role models in themselves. As we grow we forget to have fun. We forget to play and just be silly. Kids are just so simple and I feel like we have a lot to learn from them as we grow up.

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    1. It’s a blessing to be with them this summer. Although they can be quite annoying, being able to come home to them after a long day of boring sedentary “work” definitely stops me from giving up!

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