TV & Netflix

I’m definitely a movie-gal. (no TV in my freshman dorm!) Something about the strict time schedule of shows. If I miss the first 2 minutes, can’t watch it. DVR saved my marriage. Ha, but no, I think that’s one of the greatest inventions, ever.

No TV = NETFLIX. Best and worst decision of my life. IT HAS EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT. I never have to really watch live TV ever again! (Except for the Oscars…) & NO COMMERCIALS.

Anyways, MARVEL AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. SEASON 2 CAME OUT YESTERDAY. I discovered the 1st season after spring break this year. Instantly hooked. I love all things Marvel. (Plus I got to do something meaningful while I slaved away on the elliptical every night) Yesterday I watched 4 episodes and was asleep by 11:30……. oops? 😛

PLUS my aunt & uncle that I’m staying with for the summer are trying to get me to watch “the greatest show ever” Game of Thrones. They are obsessed, and I’d like to know why…




  1. I really want to get into Game of Thrones, but I have no clue about the series. I might read the books first, but ah so many decisions! Also that’s awesome I thought I was the only one who used the tv while doing cardio exercise!

    Well if it’s not obvious I play a lil video games time to time, so I sit on my bike and make sure I do HIIT while I play Skyrim! Sorry yeah a lil nerdy I guess?

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  2. Oh and for your predicament, well it’s a bucket list right? So you got time! Give Game of Thrones a chance, and review it on your blog! Other than that 2 movies will got to what about 3-3.5 hours? I say keep movies to about 2-3 a day, don’t over do it, this is supposed to be fun!

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    1. well, a summer bucket list. but that’s a tad unrealistic!!!!!!!! especially for my schedule! I work 8-5 every day. There’s very little room for barely one movie! haha


      1. Aw man those are some long hours! Well just enjoy yourself as much as you can! ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.’ 😀

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  3. I started watching Game of Thrones a few weeks ago and honestly, you have to give it a go! I was a little bit reluctant because I didn’t think it’d be my thing, but so many people recommended it! It’s so amazing, I’m up to season 4 already 😦 😦 x


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