THE ROCK: San Andreas

Whenever I come home from being away for a while, the first thing I’m concerned with doing is GOING TO THE MOVIES. Yep. I care more about seeing films than I am with friends/family. So when my boss gave me a whole week off of work, I decided to come home! The ‘going to the movies’ intensity is a bit fiercer this time. It’s been one month. I feel like I’m dying.

My mom wanted to see San Andreas so I said yes. The suckiest part was the fact that I had to pay. I haven’t paid for a movie ticket in over a year. I almost had an anxiety attack. I don’t care what kind of future job I’ll have, I promised myself that I will always have a second job at a movie theater because you really can’t beat free movies. Like, nothing is better. Seriously.

San Andreas was a pretty good action-packed doomsday movie! I went in a little discouraged because I felt like the trailer was basically a 3 minute version of the whole movie. I was pleasantly surprised, however, to discover there was a little more to the storyline. San Andreas *obviously* relied heavily upon CGI. BUT THEY DID A FANTASTIC JOB. If I was gullible, I would’ve believed it all….

I just thought that maybe the script was… a tad too impractical. Like goddamn. Anything that could’ve went wrong, did. I understand, it keeps the movie fast-paced, but I think they crossed the line. I don’t think anyone (except The Rock, of course) would’ve survived all of the obstacles the main characters faced. (SPOILER: For example, when they were cruising up the tsunami, that big-ass cargo ship. Like, really???)

I love The Rock. I think he’s one of the greatest human beings out there. Huge motivator in my life. But, I can’t take his acting seriously. He just comes across hammy to me. His one-liners in the film were too much for me. Plus how they directed the shots, all close up and serious on his face, made the one-liners that much funnier. I was satisfied to see him show emotion, though! All in all, San Andreas was decent. The movie failed at connecting me emotionallyto its characters/story, so I didn’t really care how it ended. But everyone knew how it would, anyways!



  1. But could you smell what the rock was cooking? XD I’m sorry, but this guy, he’s up there with all the over the top action heroes. It’s like his wrestling career destined him for crazy action movies!

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      1. Maybe in passing, but not fully. I’ll definitely check out. Stop adding shows n movies to my list, it’s huge! haha

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