Inside Out Fuzzy Feelings

WOw/ I’ve been waiting quite a few years for Pixar to release another film that made me feel something as deep as WALL E. Peter Docter (same guy who wrote and directed Monsters Inc and Up) really did it again! Challenged audience’s minds to imagine ourselves in a different direction; both innocent and meaningful.

If I walk out of a film with a new motivation towards living life; new way of thinking, then I know that movie was a real treasure. I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of a Pixar film NOT feeling that way. (WALL E is my most favorite of them all). We’ve all wondered what really goes on inside our heads. Emotions control who we are, how we react. But isn’t it neat to view emotions as their own little personalities?! Pixar did a superb job at personifying each emotion (Anger is a fave).

It wouldn’t truly be a Pixar film if there wasn’t an underlying theme that challenged you. I think Inside Out‘s was understanding just how important each emotion is to shaping who we are as individuals. When I was going through depression, Sadness was running the show up there for quite a few months. I never understood why I was always sad, but I just was. Joy was nowhere to be found.

I know it’s all just chemicals inside of my brain. But I’ll never understand why. And that’s why I loved Inside Out so much. It gave me a reason to let it all go and to just genuinely feel every emotion for everything that it’s worth! If I was never sad, maybe I never would’ve found joy. Now that I know what it feels like to be at my lowest point, I could really appreciate a good honest day. Emotions can be quite unpredictable, but that is purely what makes life the journey that it is.

Embrace your emotions!



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