My friend Mary and I went to Fuzz Fest 2015 the other day….AND IT WAS ALL SORTS OF AMAZING. Doors opened at 4. The forecasted weather for the day had been iffy, but we know we’d be under cover so we didn’t bother bringing an umbrella. Yea… we got caught in the rain waiting to get in. We got completely soaked!!! It just added to the whole experience 😉

We upgraded our general admission tickets to be in the pit (greatest decision that was ever made in the history of ever). By the end we were only yards away from the stage. IT WAS AWESOME. We stood for 7 and a half hours without food or water. Or a bathroom. But it was the best concert experience I’ve ever had! I didn’t know most of the songs from the first few bands…but now I’m totally obsessed. {spotify: kissmycassidy}


  • The Griswolds
  • The Mowgli’s
  • Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness
  • Matt and Kim
  • Bleachers
  • Walk the Moon



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