Although I didn’t NEED a new camera… I still wanted one. I love new gadgets. They give me new motivation. This time it was different. I’m now doing an internship.I know I should be saving money for college…. but I want to take my YouTube channel to the next level!

I chose the NIKON D5200. My first DSLR camera! I just recently (August 2014) bought a Nikon Coolpinikonx L830. It looks like a DSLR, but I can’t exchange lenses… and that was huge for me! It was tough choosing between Nikon and Canon…. my movie friends all have Canons, but whatever!

So far… I have no idea how to use the photography aspect of it. I mainly bought it for filming. Even that I’m struggling with!!!! I’m planning to spend the next few days watching a crap ton of educational videos! I’m so excited! I haven’t felt like this in a while! My little cousins and I already started our first music video project! 🙂 Going to start editing that today!



      1. I was just messin’ around. Everybody today seems to ‘have a hot mixtape’. Your doing a cover? Awesome! I can’t wait!

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