Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

I’m a sucker for quirky, emotional films that shy away from the ‘block-buster’ aesthetic. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was the perfect summer film to just go in, watch and soak up the oddly relatable life of a high school senior. If Perks of Being A Wallflower got hopped up on a bit of drugs and gave birth to a Sundance award-winning film, then this would be it.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl combines so many styles and elements. It is truly unique. The narrative element, those sick long abnormal shots. I loved everything about it. Each character was put together with their own uniqueness about them. To me, it encouraged me to feel a little better about myself in a way that cliche high school movies could never accomplish. Greg has such a bizarre way about thinking about things, yet I totally understood. I fell in love with the character almost immediately (I’d totes date him). It was really easy for me to become invested in the story, in the character’s futures. There was just something about it all.

On a more personal connection, I love to film. I just never really found a friend growing up to make movies with…combine that with my lack of self-confidence, I never made them. But just this past year, I’ve pushed through that wall and started to make YouTube videos by myself. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl has inspired me to make my own short parody on a classic film…with my bff Mary!!! We have nothing planned. No idea what classic to go off of. But I’m so excited. I’m excited to make a horrible corny film. Because now it seems okay. My whole YouTube career has been interfered by my doubt and quality of my work. I’m always trying to remind myself that this takes practice and learning.

So yea. If I was home and still working at the theater, I’d probably see this 5 more times. For realz. But alas, I shall just wait until it is released on DVD (which betta be soon!). Buuuuuuut now I can focus some of my energy onto this new Untitled intentionally horrendous film Mary and I want to create!



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