My Fight Song Music Video

So I’ve been working on something special… MY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO! Yes. It’s to Rachel Platten’s Fight SongAs soon as I heard it, I felt an immediate connection. And whenever that happens, I automatically see images. Flashes of scenes. Film. I just can’t help it. It’s how my brain is wired.

I had a totally different vision, but I figured since I’m with my little cousins for the summer and they mean SO MUCH to me, it just felt right. My take on Rachel Platten’s Fight Song is centered around depression. In short, I play the main character who is introduced in black and white (symbolizing depression), but by the end I overcome it in a way thanks to my little cousins who “bring light into my world”. The video has a lot going on. I ended up having A BUNCH of short cuts, which I’m not a huge fan of. BUT, I finished it. Took a few weeks. Editing was a nightmare. But I did it. And that’s the biggest accomplishment I’ve had in a while.

I hope anyone who watches it enjoys the song and my interpretation of it. Fight Song has become one of the biggest anthems this summer. It’s relatability inspired me so much. I’m forever grateful for this song and the opportunity to make a mini music video movie thing from it. Thank you. xx



  1. You are so talented! I wish my brain was wired like yours. What a great song too. I love this, it’s just perfect. I need to go subscribe to you on You Tube 😀

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      1. I guess it’s like any passion or talent you practice, save, improve equipment as you get better and older and keep your sights set high

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  2. I absolutely love this! I thought it was the cutest thing in the entire world! I wish I could do something like this one my youtube channel but I’m not that creative. I’m defiantly subscribing to your channel!

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      1. OH! I saw that!!!! LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. Have you read The Rosie Project? That’s what I’m currently reading, now! I also just finished Lord of the Flies!


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