Two Extremes

August 2nd. Sitting in bed. Night before last week of internship. Mental breakdown.

Immediately finishing my first year at college, I was ready to go right back. I had finally got into a good rhythm. I was optimistic, ready to take on my ugly Biology major. But since being here at my aunts for the last 3 months doing my internship….. I’ve lost it. And I’m driving myself crazy.

There are two possible scenarios that could happen when you give me a few months break from school:

1. I take on 84 hundred projects at once, including; blogging, vlogging, chess, reading, movie-watching, fitness, scootering. And then drive myself mad when I realize I can’t keep up with everything.

2. I make the couch my home. My only friends are Ben & Jerry. I approximately gain 10 pounds and lose all self-motivation.

Two extremes. There is never an in between. I either want it all, or nothing at all. And that’s my biggest downfall. Maybe I should go to bed, now.


  1. Woah take it easy now! One thing at a time. First things first you should know it’s possible to fail at what you don’t love. So why not take s chance and study something that you enjoy? The key is keeping medriocity or balance in life.

    You’ll always have time for family and friends, as that’ll be a time to exit your focus mode or daily grind. Movie watching, blogging become hobbies. (Goodness knows I need to post more!) As for fitness you can squeeze about an hour to 2 (or less depending on the exercise) and keep it 3-4 times a week. (Try out poweiftling or strength+bodybuilding, you lean out and get definition!) If that’s not your forte then i suggest a program you like combined with walking every single day for at least an hour. (start with 30min) Walking long distance tears through fat. (believe me when I say it works!) It also destresses you, so it’s good for students like us!

    I myself had trouble switching degrees. Take a note from me, take step back before taking another forward!

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    1. I’m too afraid to take a chance. Too many risks! I’m not that confident in myself, yet. I always need that safe backup plan…. I’m determined to reach a balance again in 3 weeks when I finally get back to college life. Keeping up my fitness is SO much easier there. My main problem is not having enough time for everything 😦 It’s really frustrating. I need more hours. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Thank you :)))))


      1. Take a lesson from those around, you take the easy way then life becomes hard- you become miserable with your choices, along with an overall negative outlook. There are tough times associated with success, but you have to be driven. Watch some motivational speeches, Les Brown Will Smith etc. You’d be great in film directing/production! Nothing is impossible, but anything can become unpleasant.

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      2. XD Not a problem! Well I just focus on how help people, and share my persepective and experience in life.


  2. This is my life. Haha:) Either I’m making a to-do list and knocking things off like crazy…orrrrr I’m sitting on my couch watching netflix until the sun sets and I’m too lazy to turn my lights on.

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