What My Cousins Taught Me

For the past 3 months I’ve been living with my 4 little cousins: Gracie (9); Sophia (7); Johnny (4) and Frankie (2.5).

It’s been a wild ride, but they have taught me so much without even knowing. And for that, I’m forever grateful for these munchkins.

  • When you feel frustrated because you can’t eat that popsicle, it’s okay to cry. Feeling all of your emotions is healthy. Just don’t make an embarrassing scene. It’s called the Terrible Two’s, not Terrible Twenties.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep. Because no one likes a mid-afternoon meltdown. Especially when you can’t eat that popsicle.
  • Eat as many popsicles as you possibly can. Because life is too short to count calories.
  • Dance like no one is watching. Same goes for all of life’s activities. (includes belching out ‘Sherrrry’)
  • Milk at dinner is a good thing…….something I’ll never understand.
  • Sleeping past 8 in the morning is a sin!!
  • When you wake up at 6 and do “productive” things all day, you understand why 9:30 is the perfect bedtime.
  • Always be extremely grateful for everything your parents buy you…. even if it is only a lollipop… Shower them with hugs and kisses.
  • Ask as many questions as possible. To stay eager to learn because we don’t know everything.
  • Character themed band-aids can make anyone’s day a little brighter (no booboo needed!)
  • Once you throw one up in the air, they all want a turn. INFINITE turns.
  • Being a role model is the most important job in the universe. 


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