Thank You, Robin Williams

It’s rare to have an actor be with your throughout every stage of your movie-seeing life. I’m grateful mine was Robin Williams.

He was there during my Disney Princess obsession (Aladdin), through my fascination with science experiments (Flubber), when I loved tigers so much I wanted one to live in my bathroom (Jumangi) and lastly, during my love for character transformations through the power of dressing up (Mrs. Doubtfire).

As I got older, I slowly discovered more of his filmography. I was 16 when I found my Good Will Hunting VHS copy. Life was beginning to feel a little rough…so I shut out a lot of people who cared for me. But through this movie, I learned to let them in again. I learned it’s okay to FEEL and allow them into my weird little world. Everything I got out of this movie was thanks to Robin Williams’ character. Everything he said came to me as a wise epiphany. He’ll always be the greatest mentor.

Inspiring movies have all played an important role in shaping me into who I am today and there’s one that sits on the highest pedestal in my life-changing movies room. That movie is Dead Poets’ Society. I watched this during the time of deciding what college I should go to and what I should study to become. My parents pushed for engineering at an expensive private school, but I just didn’t want that. It was always hard for me to make my own decisions… Robin showed me how to find my own voice and use it to shut out others opinions. The powerful ending hit me deep down. I knew I couldn’t go and become an engineer just because I knew it’d make my parent happy. My happiness is worth more. It’s my life. So I made the biggest decision of my life thus far. The best decision.

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.

It’s scary to think that I might’ve ended up like Neil. I’m glad I didn’t. So here I am. Trying to contribute a verse. Through my YouTube and blog. Trying to help people, making life extraordinary… I live for me. I live for life. I live thanks to you, Robin. 


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