My Best Friend Mary

Let me tell you about  my best friend, Mary. I’ve known hemary2r for 10+ years, but we only just recently became close! The stars seemed to align April of 2014 when we both got hired at the movie theater. In the same department. At the same time! #BoxOfficeBabes4Life

We instantly clicked. Our opposite interests flawlessly linked up with our similar personalities. (I think those are the best kinds of friendships.) I dragged Mary to overuse her free movie pass and she opened up my eyes to the world of music. Now every time I look at my record collection I’ll shed a tear because I don’t have a hip record player like hers. (hehe)

DSCN2040I’ve been to more concerts this summer than I’ve been to during my lifetime. Mary took me to two Radio 104.5 Block Party concerts (NATE RUESS) We saw GEORGE EZRA in NYC and we stood a few feet away from JACK ANTONOFF and WALK THE MOON @ Fuzz Fest!!! *& filmed some pretty sick vlogs*

My favorite part of Mary is her pure love of music. Of all kinds. Buying albums is her
heroin. AND RECORDS??? She has about 80 right now. And she deeply loves every one. Her favorite sound is getting her concert ticket scanned. During a set she simply lives in the moment surrounded by the music she loves and some pretty great people. Plus her wardrobe is everyone’s inner 90’s punk girl inspiration. Thank you for being a friend. ♥

Mary’s Top 5 Favorite Song At The Moment:mary4

  • Colors – Halsey
  • HELP – The Front Bottoms
  • Citizens of Earth – Neck Deep
  • Castle – Halsey
  • Laugh Till I Cry – The Front Bottoms



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