RANT: YouTube Subscribers

Lately I’ve been getting an excessive amount of comments on my most recent videos. They are normally made up of a generic compliment of the video followed by bluntly asking to check out their channel and to not forget to like and subscribe.

Dear YouTubers Who Use Insincere Comments To Get More Subscribers,
I get it. You want to get your name/channel out there. But that is not the way to do it. From my perspective, it looks like you copied and pasted that comment on every video you could find. You didn’t even watch my video! I know you didn’t. The comments feel all sorts of insincere. Take for example,

I really enjoyed this video 😊 great job  Can you please check out my latest video and maybe subscribe if you liked it thanks

ADORE your channel. Decided to subscribe and support ♡ Keep up the good work. THUMBS up and Can’t wait for more videos from you :). Hope to see you back on mine or maybe sub back? No force though ♡

As a fellow YouTuber, I can understand we all want more people to see our content that we worked super hard on. But wanting that and wanting a higher number of subscribers is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

DON’T GO ON YOUTUBE IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Make YouTube videos because you love to. The people/viewers will (hopefully) follow. Because right now, people aren’t subscribing to you because they truthfully enjoy your videos. You’re kind of fooling them into it. Or they do it for that “Sub 4 Sub” incentive, which most of you so graciously offer. And my favorite, “if you would be so kind enough to ___.”

I’ve had my YouTube channel for over a year now. I’ve made 50+ videos. I have 202 subscribers. And that’s it. I can say that with a somewhat sense of pride because I didn’t falsely acquire them as a result of insincere commenting. If I watch someone else’s video and comment, the comment is for their video. It’s not a direct self-promotion tool. If they want to check out my channel, cool. If they don’t, cool.

OK? Understand? Thank you.


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