Train Adventure ft. Tom Hanks

Transporting in public alone kind of scares me.
In my head I created two very different scenarios of how my first train experience would go.

1. The Polar Express with Tom Hanks sintom hanksging his joyous hot chocolate song; making sure my the ride went as smooth as the magic train tracks to Santa Claus.

2. Chris Evans’ experience in Snowpiercer where we’dSnowpiercer be divided into carts based on social class and I’d be in the poor college section contemplating if I’d have to fight my way to survival or start a Katniss-esque revolution.

But alas, it was neither. My Tom Hanks singing dream was shot down by a ‘Dude It’s Rude‘ no eating or drinking sign. Which lead me to seriously consider eating my hand off for survival. So anyways, the ride lasted about 45 minutes. I survived. Somehow. I read, like, 6 chapters of Paper Towns. Pretty cool so far.

Oh. And I didn’t tell my parents. So that gave me an adrenaline rush. They don’t like me traveling by myself. BUT HA. I DID IT. AND I SURVIVED. (not advised) (Hi Mom… ♥)

Learned a lot about my self on that baby trip. Most importantly, the conductor wasn’t as awesome at snipping those train tickets holes as Tom Hanks. (b/c it’s no one is as awesome as Tom Hanks)

No but seriously. Go with the flow. (AKA pick a person and copy everything they do)


  1. I love this! You go girl!! You are such an inspiration. We don’t have too many trains around here, but I am always so fearful to just go drive to a new city and go exploring by myself, but maybe I will have to give that try! 🙂

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