Creative Blogger Award

SHOUTOUT Lauren  [Just A Precious Penny] who nominated me for this rad award!

The Rules:

  • Nominate and Notify
  • Post Link to Nominator
  • Share Five Random Facts

The Facts:

  1. Mark Watney/The Martian references are now my go-to motivation for my Botany class. PLANTS. WOO. potatoes. science. yas.
  2. I accidentally snapped my beats last week. I sadly can’t live without them so I bought another pair…… oops.
  3. My future child will be a Golden Retriever named Murphee and his nickname will be Smurphee and he’s going to have a customized collar and everythang. (It’s gonna be perf)
  4. I’m starting to get involved with my university’s TV club…. I REALLY WANT MY OWN SHOW ABOUT MOVIES. Very excited to try and make that happen 🙂
  5. I’m starting to feel like I should take a break from all social media…… I’ve lost my balance and I’m deteriorating fast.

The Nominees:

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