Star Wars | Yoda Hat

I didn’t grow up with Star Wars.
So it wasn’t until my friend (biggest Star Wars fan ever) invited me to a marathon of the original trilogy that I was finally introduced to it.

If you’re going to experience Star Wars for the first time, you gotta do it right.
Which meant spending 6+ hours with its biggest fans.
It was a great experience! I’m not a die-hard fan like they are, but I love me some Yoda.

I work at a movie theater, specifically Box Office.
It was amazing to be able to work when The Force Awakens was released.
EVERYBODY CAME. Young and old.
You can just feel their excitement when they came through the doors.
It made me happy to see how much they loved and believed in the franchise.

So… My friend Mary and I decided to see it. (She never saw any of the films). We bought cheap Star Wars shirts. ANNNND I made my own DIY Yoda Hat.
Which I wore with pride and honor. Because I don’t care 🙂
*inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s premiere costume.
*The DIY video I made is down below!



P.S. Leave down below in the comments who you thought did it better 😉


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