Galentine’s Day

I had no idea this was even a thing until Mary sent me this link.
READ IT AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND (& forever celebrate)

I planned a trip to go see my BFFs Mary and Cassie… AT TEMPLE UNIVERSITY.
My first time visiting! (My family is terrified of me going there)

So…. I never told them. Traveling went swell. Took a train. SO HA, MOM.

[Arrived Friday, February 12th. 5:30 p.m.]

Night #1 consisted of creating a healthy noodle box, devouring INSOMNIA COOKIES and watching Remember Me (damn, what an ending).


[Saturday, February 13th. 9:30 a.m.]

We went to a little diner and had some bomb eggs. Then WE SAW DEADPOOL. ON GALENTINE’S DAY. Because that’s what kick-ass single ladies do. We see an anti-superhero movie. And laugh our perfectly shaped booties off. We loved it.

Mary and I loved it so much WE BOUGHT MINI FUNKO POP KEYCHAINS OF DEADPOOL. To forever remember our glorious weekend ♥

I ate Philly Style pizza for the 1st time! (I got Hawaiian) THE SLICES WERE HUGE. It was practically a religious experience. I recommend.

Then we watched 10 Things I Hate About You for the 1st time. WHAT A GREAT MOVIE. Baby JGL. Charming Heath. (He sang Frankie Valli to her. COME ON)

Oh and Mary’s mother sent us Peeps to microwave. Not to eat. Seriously. Just to watch blow up in the microwave. IT WAS AWESOME.



[Sunday, February 14th. 9:10 a.m.]

We awoke TO A FIRE ALARM. We rushed to put on some winter gear. We open the door. WATER. FROM THE CEILING. (Think real-life Titanic experience)

To sum up our day in words, some pipes burst in the dorm building. They evacuated us. Then they wouldn’t let us back in. Until 5pm. We were “actual refugees” in 10 degree weather.

I documented it through Snapchat. These are the pictures. Enjoy!


Stop #1: Their dining hall for breakfast
Stop #2: DUNKIN. FOR CAWFEE *god bless Mary b/c I only had a single dollar
Stop #3: Morgan Hall. To drink ^^
Stop #4: A public restroom. To change our clothes, brush our teeths and wash our faces. Ew.

Basically, we sat around for 5 hours in our pajamas with only our phones and each other.
A day we shall never forget and always remember.


  1. There’s more to this story. I think there was supposed to be another “first” occurring this past weekend, but something happened. Hmmm. Great read. Really distracted me from my homework.


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