20 y/o

Yup. The other day, March 5th, 2016, I turned 20 years old.
(And I’m not sure if having that many commas is OK.)

I’m also not sure about a lot of things.

But this is the year I learn how to live in the present. And not anxiously into the future.

So that’s what this year is going to be. A project. To be more present. 🙂

And to watch more sunrises and sunsets. Because that shit is beautiful. IMG_20160306_011827

Shout out to my BFF Mary who made my day memorable ♥
Because what’s a 20th birthday without…

  • kick-ass Blue Ribbon sundaes
  • a transparent yellow 500 Days of Summer vinyl
  • an adorable Captain America Funko keychain
  • a swagger Temple hat
  • and our favorite talking sloth



  1. Happy Birthday! And I think you got the commas right — it’s a lot of commas, but they look like they’re supposed to be there — don’t quote me, though!


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