Figure Me Out

After discovering the line-up for WARPED TOUR, I uncovered a love for The Summer Set. More specifically, for their song Figure Me Out.

Ya know when you just connect with lyrics? As if it was fate for you to hear this song?
It gave you that feeling you couldn’t put into words.


So I’d much rather die tryin’ to make something sacred than live as another YouTube sensation
Cause I hate that they’re famous for being something they’re not
While I’m too hung up on the things I don’t have to appreciate what I’ve got

I haven’t made a YouTube video in over 2 months. I barely blog anymore.

And I can’t decide if it’s because I feel like it’s all fake?
It no longer feels like I’m doing it for me.

Years ago I started YouTube because making videos genuinely made me happy. I met so many amazing people from all around the world thanks to it and this blog.

But I’ve noticed many YouTubers care too much about how many subscribers or views they get. I know my goal isn’t to be a “YouTube sensation”… but I don’t know what it is.

Coming back to college for sophomore spring semester, I lost something. I lost the desire to connect. For having the number of followers I have, I oddly feel alone.

It’s time for me to figure out why I created kissmycassidy.
Why I make YouTube videos. Why I blog.

But I believe there’s more to life than all my problems maybe there’s still hope for me to start again
Get my feet back on the ground
Pull my head out of the clouds
I think it’s time for me to figure me out

It’s time for me to figure me out.

*****Has anyone else felt this way before?


    1. Well thanks for the follow. We at Gastradamus would really appreciate your comments about out stories. Are site could go viral in a couple weeks. We want you to be a part of it.


    2. Please check out my stories at Gastradamus. I have a feeling you may want to nominate the works on my blog. I have touchy subjects, that much I can tell you . The thing I need to know is if your willing to be a part of it, check it out and let me know your opinion.


  1. You should always be yourself and do something that you love, that’s the only way to be successful!
    stop worring about other bloggers, and just focus on you and to people that love your work!

    ~positive thinking sweety 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. I love the positive thinking, I really do. That’s they type of attitude to make something happen. We love it at Gastradamus, please when you can, read a few of my stories and you’ll be hooked. I have people all over asking about being published. People on WordPress love Gastradamus.


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