I Climbed The Rock (wall)


So here’s the epic tale of my will to avoid a wall.

My college has this sick-ass rock climbing wall. And I convinced myself the only reason I chose to go there was just for that wall.

Fast forward 3 semesters later, and I never once touched it. Only gazing at its colorful rock thingys.

UNTIL I happened to go to dinner with a guy who works it and bam.

I went. I climbed. I conquered. (kind of)

It doesn’t look that hard, but dayum. I started on a beginner’s route. The rule was to only use the white rocks. Breezed through that challenge like a champ. At the top there’s a little cave where you hop in, turn around, lean back and push off the wall until you hit the ground.
*Imagine a bad-ass spy, but instead it’s Johnny English

What I thought I looked like

Vs. what I actually looked like (@3:20ish)

Then I tried a harder route. IT WAS HARD, MAN. Your fingers cramp up. Your forearms burn. I couldn’t do it. I tried reaching for that one damn grip 4 times and I fell every single time. 

BUT I reached a goal of mine that day.
I finally climbed The Rock (wall).

^^^my greatest pun achievement

But for real. I did something I was afraid to do. I tried a new thing. And I felt strong and brave. And that’s a feeling I’ll continue to chase.



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  1. He keep on climbing, eventually you’ll get there. I must say that I really enjoyed that article, for something so simple you made a pretty enjoyable reading experience. If you are ever free sometime, I would appreciate your reviews or comments on my work. I’m just starting and trying to get all the feedback I can. I’m going to spread the word about the rock climbing dynowriter


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