American Authors

Last night was a dream…. or “The Best Day Of My Life”???

Mary and I went to TWO concerts last night in Philadelphia.

  • American Authors @ The Barbary
  • Mac DeMarco @ The Electric Factory

Last summer I fell in love with AMERICAN AUTHORS when I listened to their debut studio album Oh, What A Life.

Yea, “Best Day Of My Life” gave me mad vibes, but it was “Home” and “Luck” that made me feel something.

I’ve been gone for so long
But my heart it carries on
As it pounds like a drum
On my journey back home

Last year I struggled with college and what major to pick in between doing a summer internship away from home.

I felt lost. And alone. Like everyone else.

But I found a voice in that album. It was my summer anthem.

I’m sorry for how I up and left this town
Please just listen cause I don’t ask for much
I am my own man
I make my own luck

And I got to see them live. In a small bar called The Barbary. With less than 50 people. Front row. Magical and surreal.

I don’t even know their names. And I loved that. I was there for their music. That was a connection within itself.

They got me through that summer. And I can’t wait until their new album What We Live For comes out in July!!

In the end, we’re all like Frankie Valli, “chasing the music, trying to find our way home”.

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1 Comment

  1. Hey. It’s me. I couldn’t stay away for too long hehe!
    I am really glad to be back and catching up on you! This sounds incredible! I really must look into their other stuff, because all I know is Best Day of My Life, but it sounds like they have other gems I am missing out on.
    I can TOTALLY relate to feeling alone and far away, but it is fantastic that you had this band and their words to keep you going!! 🙂
    What are your plans for this summer? How did the end of the semester go for you?


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