intro to LIFE IMITATES ART blog

hi everyone!!!! my name is cassidy. i’m 21 years old and about to start my last semester of college (big yikes). i launched this blog in the summer of 2015 as a way to share my thoughts on being an intern and living away from home. it was an incredible experience to share my thoughts and connect with people from all over!!

over the last year i stopped blogging for whatever reason. i wish i didn’t. but now i’m back!!! and here to switch it up a bit.

my blog will now focus on the tagline, LIFE IMITATES ART. it’s a simple premise. something will happen in my life and i’ll compare it to a piece of art…. or vice versa. that could be a film, lyrics to a song, a steve madden slinky platform sandal, line of poetry, etc.

LIFE IMITATES ART was inspired by, well, art. duh. on my instagram way back in may of 2017 i posted a picture of a new pair of jean sandals, comparing it to britney and justin’s infamous outfits at the 2001 AMA’s. in that moment, an idea was born.

it was then that i realized sometimes life gives you moments out of a picture-perfect movie scene, and sometimes it reminds you of how MY GIRL (1991) ended.

overall, i just want to seek meaning in life’s moments through art. i love the idea that everything can remind me of anything. and along the way i hope to keep discovering new art wherever i look.

i hope this blog exposes you to new pieces of art! i’m always open to suggestions, too!!

what is your favorite film?
mine is… titanic! it was the first movie to make me completely forget i was watching one!




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